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School Closings or Delays

501.0 School Closings or Delays


Effective Date:  09/01/2011

Revised Date:  October, 2011


School Closings or Delays


Emergency Closings

  1. No outdoor school-sponsored activities will be allowed during a lightning storm.
  2. In the event of a serious snow storm, ice storm, or threat of a hur­ricane, the Superintendent, in consultation with the appropriate person in the Highway Department or Department of Public Safety, may cancel school for the day or postpone the opening time of school.  In addition, the Superintendent may close school early on the grounds of weather hazards.  The Superintendent will keep the Chair of the School Committee informed of developments and decisions during days of weather emergencies.
  3. The Superintendent is responsible for effectively communicating his/her decisions via local radio and television. 
  4. Parents/guardians should be reminded that they retain their responsibilities for the safety of their children on bad weather days when a school may be in session.  Decisions by parents/guardians not to send their children to school on days when weather conditions are questionable should be respected.


Radio Stations:                        WBET 1460 AM, WBZ 1030 AM, WRKO 680 AM      

T. V. Stations:                          Channels 4, 5, and 7


Automated Calling System

Southeastern’s Automated Calling System will be activated at the earliest possible time following a decision to Cancel or Delay the Opening of School.


In the event schools are closed in Brockton or any one (1) of the eight (8) towns, do not assume Southeastern will close as well.  LISTEN FOR AN ANNOUNCEMENT SPECIFICALLY FOR SOUTHEASTERN REGIONAL VOCATIONAL TECHNICAL SCHOOL.


As a general rule, when day-school sessions are cancelled, all afternoon and evening sessions will automatically be cancelled.  Each closing due to weather conditions will extend the school year by one (1) day.


The following guidelines are to be used by employees to determine if they need to report to work when school is cancelled.


School-Year Employees:  If school is cancelled for any reason, school-year employees do not need to report to work.  In the case of a delayed-opening, school year employees will follow the same delay.  For example, if there is a one-hour delay then teachers, school-year secretaries, and technical assistants report to work one hour later than their regularly scheduled start time.


Year-Round Employees:

  1. No School—No employees report to work except Facilities Department.
  2. No School—Essential Personnel Only
    1. Administrators, supervisors, clerical support and other full-year employees report to work at their own discretion.
    2. Year-round employees should use discretion about when the roads are safe to drive and the district will be flexibile with start times.
    3. Employees who feel that they cannot make it into work, have the option of using a vacation or personal day.


Special notes:

  • Facilities Department employees always report to work as long as they can do so in a reasonably safe manner or specifically told otherwise.  Hourly employees will receive overtime (their regular pay plus .5) for working on a day when school is cancelled for ALL employees except facilities.
  • If school is cancelled for more than one consecutive day, all year round employees must report to regularly scheduled work unless specifically told otherwise.


One-Hour Delay Schedule

Students will report to school one hour later than usual.  The Breakfast Program will be available as your child enters the school.


Two-Hour Delay Schedule

Students will report to school two hours later than usual.   There will be No Breakfast Program.