Southeastern Launches its First Food Pantry

Southeastern students in the Business & Marketing program have been working to organize the school’s first food pantry, which is now open to anyone in the school community.

The new  pantry, located next to the Student Commons and cafeteria, is currently open during the last period of the school day, and it is well stocked with goods donated from students and staff, and local retailers.  Business & Marketing students, who have set up donation bins around the school and have also reached out to local supermarkets, say they have a great selection of items.  They are also restocking the most popular items, which they have been able to purchase with gift cards and cash donations.

“We’ve been getting a lot of stuff, but now our biggest challenge has been getting students to come to the pantry,” said Giovanni Barbosa, a Business & Marketing student from Brockton.

Their instructor, Mr. Thurston, said some students may be reluctant to seek assistance, so his students have come up with a more discreet process to order the nonperishable goods online.  A food pantry order form will be linked to the school’s website.   Any student can choose to pick up the items at a school office or teacher’s room, and the order will be kept confidential.

“We think more people will participate if they are able to receive the items in a less public forum,” he said.

Students will still be able to visit the pantry, but if they prefer, an online process will be available soon.   Mr. Thurston said, “students are working with Mrs. Toomey, who is in charge of the Community Service program,  and Ms. Chandler, a guidance counselor, to continuously improve the process, in partnership with the Community Service Club.”  Students are encouraged to seek out a teacher, guidance counselor, or other staff member for assistance as well.

The food pantry is open to all students, faculty, and staff.  Business & Marketing students working on the project include Marcelo Vicente, Maranyely Mejia, John Ward, Steevens Laurole, and Giovanni Barbosa, who are all from Brockton.