Southeastern Honors Science Fair Participants

On January 31st, approximately 100 Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School students participated in the school’s annual science fair. The Science Department is pleased to recognize 17 winning participants who presented exceptional STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Math) projects:

(Name – Town — Project Title)
Kelly LaPointe   —  Brockton — “The Effect of Stress on Adolescents”
Catherine Fitzgerald  –Mansfield — “Personal Aid”
Brett Cronin — Stoughton — “Strip Resistant Screw”
Felipe Pinto — Brockton — “Buses Everywhere”
Anna Knudsen — Bridgewater — “Whitening Toothpaste”
Amanda Beninati — Stoughton — “Using a Digital Camera to Measure Skyglow”
Romani Alicea and  Sanstioven Stephen — Brockton — “Deployable Shield”
Janni Soriano — Brockton — “Bacteria in Water Bottles” (pictured above)
Meagan Dalton — Mansfield — “Rest Your Eyes”
Ryan Ross —  Norton — “The Mountain Bike Project”
Ariana World-Grover — Brockton —  “Bacteria in School Bathrooms”
Melany Goncalves and  Sade Hill —  Brockton —  “Oil Spills”
Ryan Hobart — Brockton —  “Nixie Watch Clock”
Jenna Goldberg —  Stoughton — “Lock Your Life”
Wesley Watson — Brockton —  “Cell Phone Spectrometer”

Other students who won “Honorable Mention” included Dylan Porter, Brenna Shedin, Sydney Zavolta, Josh Tibbetts, Sarah Galvin, Jared Rainey, Jessica Grande, Andrew Senesi, Arvin Tran, and Cheyenne Ward.

The 17 winning participants have qualified to move on to the Region V Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair at Bridgewater State University on March 11.  Winners of the regional fair move on to the state competition at MIT, and from there the national fair, all of which provide winners with various scholarship opportunities.

Chemistry teacher Carmen Amaral, who was part of the team who organized the fair, said the Science Department reached out to community members in both higher education and industry to judge this year’s fair.

“Here at Southeastern, students have this chance to connect some of the abstract science concepts they learn in class to both their personal interests and their vocational trade. And for many of our participants, it was the first time they had talked in depth about their work to someone other than a teacher or family member. It was great to have educators, industry members, and leaders from the community recognize this and take the time to participate in the process,” she said.

The Science Department would also like to acknowledge and thank all the judges who took time from their busy schedules to help make the science fair a success. They included:

Ashley Hachey (Bridgewater State University), Janet Gallagher (Tufts Medical Center), Jason Carreiro (Facebook, Inc.), Jeff Feely (Fuze), Joseph Keen (Bridgewater State University), Junior Jabbie (Banneker Industries, Inc), Kevin McCarville (Blue Cross Blue Shield), Lindsay Butler (Boston University School of Public Health), Liz Pawlowski (Taunton Public Schools), Mark Sherman (UMass Lowell), Robin Zoll (SERSD School Committee), Steve Maynard (Maynard Custom Builders), Dr. Yanzhi Zhang (US Patent and Trade Office), Lori Pierce, Brian Blanchard, Carol Garabedian, Courtney Caras, Brendan Buono, Donna Ebata, Dr. Donna Zhang, Frank Mahoney, Frank Messman, Joshua Crossen, Haley Holland, Melissa Foley, Nicole Luz, Norma McNally, Richard Latimer, and Sue Deberardinis.

By:  Candace Hall—February 5, 2017