Hawk Runners finding success at Southeastern

After spending several years developing a team, Southeastern’s runners are showing great commitment and enthusiasm towards their sport and having a lot of success at local competitions.  Cross-country coach James Campbell and winter track coach Kay Place are hopeful that the teams will continue to attract good runners so they can have full rosters and continue to improve as a team.

“We started with just three girls five years ago and have built the teams up from there.  We now have some really good runners and it’s been a great experience for many of them,” Mr. Campbell said.

The highlight of the year so far has been the girls’ cross-country team, which won the Mayflower League title last fall.  Throughout the season, two freshmen girls, Sade Hill, of Brockton and Co-captain Atara Headley, of Brockton, often placed in the top three positions for the 5K races, which run between 2.26 and 3.1 miles.   Both girls were also recognized as State Vocational all-stars, and Atara received honors as a Mayflower League all-star.  Also, Co-captain Erin Murray, of East Bridgewater, had many successful races, often placing with the top five finishers.

“This is the first time ever that the cross country team has won a league title, and we hope to win many more.  Our next goal for next fall is to hopefully win the Mayflower League conference championship again, and the state vocational championship as well,” Mr. Campbell added.

This is the first year the school has had a winter track team, and team members often finished in the top three for different track events.  Coach Place said the team was a club level team, which limited the amount of athletes on their rosters.  This made it almost impossible to win against competitors who sometimes had more than 100 students on their rosters.  But even though they didn’t win most of their meets, the Hawks placed in many of the events.

“It’s pretty remarkable for a first year team,” Ms. Place said.

Some of the many individual accomplishments include Jada Reid, of Brockton, who placed at almost every meet in the 300 and 600 meter races, and Anhel Mancortes, of Brockton, who placed second overall in the 300 meter at the EAC League meet on January 27.

Ms. Place said that the winter track team is an essential element to a good all-around running program.

I started this team to help support the running programs at Southeastern, and last season was my first year as the girl’s outdoor head track coach.  I quickly realized our toughest competitors run for all three seasons, so we needed to meet this standard if we hoped to improve — and we are improving!” she said.

Both coaches are hoping for a successful outdoor season this spring, which starts March 20.   Last year, the girls finished second in the Mayflower League and the boys finished third.    Athletic Director Daniel Tripp said he is pleased with the enthusiasm and talent of the running teams and is also happy that the teams have provided a great option for off-season athletics to keep in shape.

Cross Country Roster:
Erin Murray
Tatiana Rivera
Renee Lopolito
Tiara Alexis
Bruna Henriques
Atara Headley
Sade Hill
Jasmine Teixeira
Herlande Sineus
Ayziah Anderson
Hawa Kane
Sherwine Nelson

Winter Track Roster:
Erin Murray
Kay Marie Hines
Andrea Gomes
Elissa Nystrom
Sade Hill
Veneitta Chambers-Ross
Jada Reid
Angela Garcia
Laura Schnitzer
Anhel Mancortes
Jeovanni Fraga
Aiden Bryant
Jeffrey Leitch
Tyrus Gorsuch
Romani Alicea
Carlos Barros
Dakota Lewis
Bruno Moreno
Kyandre Martinez
Myles Maben McMichael
Jamuari Couvertier

By:  Candace Hall