Engage, Experience and Explore

Engage, Experience and Explore is a new program that was introduced this past summer to all incoming 9th grade students.  The goal was to keep incoming freshmen engaged with our school from the time they were accepted until the first day of school.  There were many events planned and most freshmen participated in at least one event.  Some of the activities included a Whale Watch out of Plymouth, a community service event in Dartmouth, scavenger hunts around the school, a Duck Tour of Boston and a trip to the movies to see Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Josh Lovering, a sophomore in Video and Performing Arts, was hired as a Student Ambassador for the program.  His job was to help form connections with our new students and help them feel comfortable with their new school.  Josh said that he feels that the program, “Went really well.  The new students were very engaged.  It helped them navigate the building.  We showed them all of the important areas around the building, so that they don’t get lost.”  Josh also mentioned that he wished that this program was offered to him and his peers before they started here in 2016.  Josh said, “By getting kids to participate in Engage, Experience, and Explore, we were able to convince them to come here, because sometimes people decide not to come here because they don’t have friends.”  When asked if Josh would work as an ambassador again next year, Josh replied, “I would love to.”

Nicholas Spooner, a freshman, participated in several events this summer.  He describes his experience as, “Interesting, because he got to meet new people, and he got to do new things that he wouldn’t have done if he stayed at his old school.  I got to meet new friends.  I feel that participating in the program made me less nervous about coming to a new school.”  When asked what he liked best, he said, “The Whale Watch because I love boats and I had never been on a Whale Watch.  I liked the team-building event at the school as well because it helped me understand the building better.  It was a fun thing to do.  If students decide to do this next year, they should not be shy.  It was really fun.”