Co-Operative Education News

Co-Operative Education News

As I begin my second full year as the Co-operative Education Coordinator, I am excited about the opportunities and challenges SET will tackle by June 2018.  For us to achieve our ambitious goal of securing 200 students co-op placements, students, teachers, parents, and community/vocational partners will need to work together.

Thankfully, Southeastern has a fine history of supporting the co-operative education process.  Vocational instructors educate their shop students about diverse opportunities in their fields.  Students’ eagerness to broaden their training and connections beyond the school walls certainly helps encourage community and vocational partners to find and, in some cases, create positions for them.

The co-op office is actively looking to expand opportunities for our students.  We have begun collaborating with other school systems that offer placements to share co-op opportunities in and out of our regional district.  If you or someone you know has or knows of a potential placement opportunity for one or more of our students, please contact me at to begin the process of developing a community partnership.

Beginning at the start of the second semester of their Junior year, students are eligible for co-op.  Seniors are eligible for co-operative education as soon as school starts.  Before any student can go out on a placement, they must complete all the required paperwork and receive the necessary approvals.  This paperwork and information about the process is available to anyone interested in my office or on

By the end of September, 27 SET students have been placed in positions outside of school.  Many other students are engaged in the process, completing the paperwork and awaiting approvals.  As encouraged as I am by the numbers so far, we all need to work together to get an additional 173 students to expand their learning by making the most of the opportunities SET can provide.


Mr. J. Poli
Co-operative Education Coordinator