Intramural Field Hockey

The 2017 school year brings a new program to women’s sports at Southeastern. For the first time, we will be running an intramural field hockey team. The initial sign up had 20 girls, with more asking to join after the start of the extended day program. Southeastern field hockey players are provided with all the necessary equipment by the athletic department, including sticks, shin guards, mouth guards and goggles.

The goal of the extended day program is to teach new and returning players the game of field hockey. In the first few weeks, the girls are already gaining a love for the sport and doing very well. While the team has its own space on the grass, they have also been fortunate to have some shared time on the turf field to improve their ball handling skills. There are hopes of some late fall scrimmages with JV teams from surrounding towns, however the team plans to be a JV team in the fall of 2018 with a full schedule.


By:  Jenn Sousa