SETV News Wins Gold Medal and All Columbian Honor Awards for 2016-2017

SETV News Wins Gold Medal and All Columbian Honor Awards for 2016-2017

Every Monday morning, teachers turn on their computers and load the SERSD VIDEO YouTube channel to show their students the weekly SETV News Broadcast.  This school-wide tradition began in September of 2016 when the video production students began producing this weekly news program.  Throughout the 2016-2017 school year, a group of eight students worked to carry the ball forward, building and perfecting a news show that worked to highlight the amazing work done at Southeastern every day.

Ms. Brown, who teaches Video Production and leads the SETV News crew, is honored to announce that the Columbia Scholastic Press Association awarded SETV News a Gold Medal for the broadcast production along with two All Columbian Honor Awards in the Visual and Verbal categories.  Ms. Brown would like to recognize Christopher Bretti, Thomas Coughlin, Drew Dimarino, Camillo Giangrande, Ariana Jenks, Hunter Manes, Savannah Lee, and Tatiana Rivera for their dedication and hard work throughout last year.  She explains, “These awards recognize this particular group of students for their talents, dedication and overall professionalism.”

The Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) is a student journalism competition run through Columbia University for high school and college broadcasts to be judged by professionals working in nonfiction media.  The goal of the competition is to ‘make clear expression the standard for success’ and ‘to recognize that journalism can be a means towards broader understanding of society and people.’

Every year, the CSPA volunteers judge more than 10,000 entries, honoring 600 college students and 600 high school students with awards.  The judges this year included thoughtful comments to summarize the overall body of work evaluated:  “Impressive. Professional. SETV reflects the Southeastern community in its totality by covering a wide range of topics.  The newscasts are both significant and informative – as well as interesting.  The reporting is accurate, credible and balanced.  Stories usually have multiple sources and present different points of view.  The visual storytelling is outstanding.  It’s obvious how much pride and talent there is in this program.”  The evaluators went on to explain how the broadcasts overall demonstrated consistent mastery of producing a culturally relevant and important news program within their own community.

Ms. Brown is proud of her students for their hard work and passion for storytelling, and she is thrilled to move forward with a new group of students producing SETV News this year.

By: Kathryn Brown