Southeastern Alumni, Luz Villar, Generously Donates to Business and Marketing Program

Southeastern Alumni, Luz Villar, Generously Donates to Business and Marketing Program

Throughout the history of Southeastern and its fifty years in operation, there have been many
magnificent attendees that have not only benefited from the vocational and academic opportunities at
Southeastern, but have also come back to share their gratitude and appreciation of the school for its help.
No matter the shop, whether arts related or physically intensive work, many of Southeastern’s alumni
have graduated and became very successful with the skills they learned within the school. One
outstanding graduate who was enrolled in the Business and Marketing vocational program, who became
mighty successful after attending Southeastern, is Luz Villar.

On March 6th, 2018, Villar came back to Southeastern to share her experience within the school
and after she had graduated to inspire the current students enrolled in the Business and Marketing
program, and to show them the scope of what is possible in their profession. Additionally, Villar came
back with the intention to pay back the Business and Marketing teachers for their grand involvement in
making Luz who she is today, partly actual currency and partly in her time.

Beginning her speech with her high school experience, while in school, Villar was involved in
many aspects of her shop and what the program offers up for students. Villar stated how when she was in
her high school she ran for State Officer in DECA, a business and marketing related organization, and
although tried her best, did not succeed in acquiring the position. However, even though she did not win
the title, Villar still reflects on that moment as “the most memorable moment as a DECA student”. She
then challenged the current seniors and students to run for office in the DECA organization as she knew
that everything that went into running for a position in DECA and the experience would be worthwhile
and beneficial to the students and their future. As a part of Villar being in the high-level business and
marketing high school field, she had to perform many speeches in front of various audiences. She shared
those experiences with the students and how although she may have stuttered over every word, she still
has benefitted from the public speaking and confidence lessons she was taught from those moments.

Villar works in the legislative branch of the government, alongside a city councilor at large,
Ayanna Pressley, the first woman of color elected to the Boston City Council. Specifically, Villar aids in
the bettering of communities and individuals’ lives who suffer from intergenerational racism. Adding to
why she was driven to apply for the job, Villar stated, “once introduced to architecture and all these great
things…I felt like anything was possible.” Furthermore, to show the students that not everything is handed
to people in life, Villar added “Anything is possible, it just takes a lot of work. Luckily DECA taught me
that nothing comes easy…” Then, she continued on to tell of how she, out of all of the candidates who
were highly qualified with degrees from prestigious schools, was chosen to work alongside Pressley.
Inspiring the students by being a living embodiment of no matter what background one comes from nor
their degree, anyone can still achieve monumental status based on their personality and life experiences,
as what is on the inside matters the most not what one acquires/has.

Current Business and Marketing teachers, Mr. Thurston and Mrs. Brown, were Villar’s former
teachers and they gave her a five-hundred dollar scholarship while she was in the DECA organization.
Since that amount of money was life changing at that time in Villar’s life, she vowed to pay them back.
With Villar owing much of her success to her teachers, as she stated in the intro to her speech, she wrote a
five-hundred dollar check for the Business and Marketing program to pay towards the education of the
students in the program. Strongly believing in the future of the program, Villar ended her speech with
putting her email address and phone number on the board so that the students of the class she presented to
and anyone else in the room could contact her if they need any additional information/inspiration from

Luz Villar is an inspirational woman who, thanks to the opportunities and education Southeastern
provides, has succeeded immensely in life. Now she is bestowing her own money and experiences on the
current students of the Business and Marketing program to ensure that the future of her field has the
potential to succeed and can experience the moments in life that are priceless. Taking away from her
speech, every student in Southeastern, no matter their desired profession, should be inspired and fueled to
be the best them that they can be. As, if one student from their school can make it in life and be incredibly
successful, than any student from their school can. No matter what one has or lacks, success can still be
reached because it only takes a positive attitude and meaningful effort to come to fruition.

By: Joshua Lovering and Ashley Rivera