Principal’s Reception – Interview with Principal Degan

Principal’s Reception – Interview with Principal Degan

In March and April, Southeastern hosted two of its three Principal’s Receptions. The Principal’s Receptions offered an opportunity for accepted 8th graders and their families to meet with Southeastern staff and administrators. Students and their families were able to enjoy some light snacks, take photos in their new Hawks t-shirts, engage in a meet and greet, and learn a little about some of Southeastern’s programs. The incoming students were also introduced to the program nicknamed “EEE” for Engage, Experience and Explore, which will take place over the summer. The receptions also featured a presentation by Principal David Degan. We sat down with Mr. Degan and asked him a few questions:


Tell me how the receptions have gone so far? What was your impression?

“It went great. It’s my favorite event. It gives our new students and their families a little time to get to know us, and to meet each other. I am very impressed by the caliber of students in this incoming class”


What are some things the upper grade levels can do to make the incoming freshmen less nervous?

“Well, we already have the EEE activities before school starts to welcome the incoming freshmen. These activities are designed to help lessen the newness of their new school and to help them become more comfortable with us and our campus.”


Are you changing anything for this specific class and if so, what?

“No , actually we have made very few changes to the student handbook for the coming year. I think we are in a good place. My priority is for students to want to come to school and want to learn. Southeastern is a great school, and I strongly believe the class of 2022 will love it here.”


What are your goals for this class?

“Student attendance is high on my priority list. We have done a great job this year of reducing absenteeism and student tardiness. I look for the class of 2022 to have amazing attendance, and because of this, they will excel in their freshmen year.”


What message would you like to send to the class of 2022?

“Make the right choices! Remember to ALWAYS take advantage of opportunities and choose the RIGHT path for you, not for your friend, your mom or dad, but for you! This is our culture, our family, and now it is your family, too.”


Click the link to see photos of the March and April Principal’s Reception