Yearbook 2019-2020

Yearbook 2019-2020

Advisors: Mrs. Enos and Ms. Sumner


The yearbook committee welcomes any Southeastern student interested in photography, video, layout, art design, and editing experience. Each year, the theme for the yearbook is chosen by the committee, who work diligently to see that Southeastern memories and experiences are preserved for everyone to enjoy!


If you are interested in joining yearbook fill out the application here.  No prior knowledge of software is needed.  Yearbook meetings are every Tuesday and Thursday in room 6-109. The meetings start September 17, 2019 and the books are delivered in June.


Messages for the yearbook staff may be e-mailed to


Order a Yearbook:

To order a yearbook visit: and enter code: 9669620


Visit Our Website:


Graduation Photography:

Lifetouch will be providing professional photography services at Graduation.


Register to be notified when event images and proofs are available for purchase by visiting:


Complimentary proof sets will be mailed home within 14 business days. Please do not set up cameras during the ceremony as they detract from others’ view.