Joshua Lovering, Nominee for CTE Presidential Scholarship

Joshua Lovering, Nominee for CTE Presidential Scholarship

Southeastern student, Joshua Lovering (Brockton), senior in Video and Performing Arts, is among five in the state to be a Massachusetts 2019-2020 Nominee for the U.S. Career and Technical Education (CTE) Presidential Scholarship. Lovering is currently ranked number one and is on the path to be the Valedictorian for Southeastern’s graduating Class of 2020.

As a junior, Joshua was able to intern at Brockton Cable Access where he produced, edited, and filmed multiple community events in Brockton and became an independent producer of some shows. The following year, he earned a co-op position at Foxboro Cable Access. Lovering was able to work with local volunteers and co-workers to produce inclusive content for Foxboro to enjoy on local TV channels.

In Video and Performing Arts, Joshua was able to work on a piece that expresses a major belief of his. His personal service announcement (PSA) about homosexuality highlights the struggles and stresses homosexuals face on a day to day basis. Lovering’s mission with this piece was to bring awareness to the often avoided harsh truth of reality that some are faced with. “Over my years studying the arts and how to communicate through visual, literary, and performance mediums, I have realized that my work defines me. A subconscious link to my values and thoughts, the art that I create plays an immense role in my desire to spread awareness and understanding about current events,” Lovering states.

During his free time, Joshua volunteers at the Bay Cove Human Resources, helping employees feed, entertain and organize events for residents. On top of his volunteer work, Lovering has acted in plays and musicals such as, “The Addams Family”, “The Crucible”, and “The Little Prince.Joshua also engages in Student Government and was able to act as a senator for the day.

Participating in the Science Fair his sophomore and junior years, he was able to attend Regionals at Bridgewater State University both years. “Josh is a role model in the school and likes helping others… Josh’s teachers describe him as a ‘model student.’ He is very humble and tries to make a difference for others daily. At the end of sophomore year, he had a conversation with the administrators at Southeastern. He felt that students who are in AP and Honor classes do not have enough time to do all of the work assigned in the higher-level classes. From that meeting, the 1-credit Honors and AP Colloquium class was added to elective classes,” Joshua’s guidance counselor, Gwendolyn Nauls said in a statement.

The U.S Presidential Scholars Program was established to recognize and honor some of our nation’s most distinguished graduating high school seniors. “Being nominated for the CTE Presidential Scholarship is a complete honor. Additionally, this recognition was well worked for—over my high school and even junior high, I have not missed a single day of school and have put my all into school and my education.” Lovering stated.  He added, “Ultimately, the nomination has been a perfect ending to many years of hard work and dedication not only to my academics, but other interests such as my vocational program.”

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Submitted by Krystina Nguyen, Student, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Brockton