Taking a closer look at his kindness.

Zekar-yah Henry, a Junior at Southeastern Regional in the Legal and Protective Services program, wanted to become an Eagle Scout but there was one thing in his way that he needed to accomplish. Zekar-yah needed to do some sort of community service to earn Eagle Scout status and become part of the 4% of Scouts who progress to Eagle Scout.

Being his first-ever project, Zekar-yah chose to donate to his local community in Brockton. These donations included blankets, bedsheets, toiletries, and lots of other items. The people involved in the church and Facebook mainly donated and fundraised items and money to help Zekar-yah accomplish this goal. When discussing this project he said,  “I did something [that was] special to me and [my project] was different from others.” Zekar-yah noted,  “I’ve seen the process from a distance but it’s nothing like up close.” Once he had collected all the donations, Zekar-yah equally distributed the items into bins and dropped them off at the church for Father Bill to allocate them to families in need.

Zekar-yah Henry has been in Scouts for about 3 ½ years. He began the process for Eagle Scouts in July of 2020 and finally finished the project in January 2021. The only thing Zekar-yah must accomplish before he gets his Eagle Scout status is paperwork. The obstacles he has faced along the way have challenged him and helped him learn. “I’ve learned a lot about confidence, trusting in other people, not doing things on your own, and that’s really what Scouts are about,” he stated. “My troop is big on getting over that fear of not being able to stand in front of a crowd.” He has learned a lot about putting himself out there and facing his fears.

One of the biggest challenges Zekar-yah and the other Scouts had faced was COVID-19. When COVID-19 first began to affect the U.S., Zekar-yah was the SPL, the Senior Patrol Leader, of his troop. He and his troop decided to continue Scouts through Zoom meetings. Zekar-yah and his team’s jobs were to make meetings interesting. “We had times to do games once a week. Other times the kids wanted to work on ranking, we helped provide an online way of doing that,” Zekar-yah said. They even awarded merit badges online, along with virtual campouts.

Other than Scouts, Zekar-yah is involved in church. He helps the sound and tech team and used to help teach ESOL, English as a Second Language. They helped immigrants and people who didn’t speak the language well. The program paused due to COVID-19 and Zekar-yah is hoping to get back to it soon. Zekar-yah is on the School Council as well, helping bring up questions or concerns that students may have.

Zekar-yah plans to go to college after he graduates from high school and experience the independence it has to offer. He wants to study something in the field of criminal justice and law and is hoping it will provide him with ideas for the future.

Zekar-yah Henry, a young man with a big heart who hopes to help others. His actions are motivational for others who aspire to provide aid to those who need it.

The Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical School District consists of a four-year public high school and a post-secondary technical institute. The high school offers 20 career majors to students from Brockton, East Bridgewater, Easton, Foxboro, Mansfield, Norton, Sharon, Stoughton, and West Bridgewater.

Submitted by Evelyn Pasquale, Advanced Manufacturing and Welding, Mansfield