After eight years, Southeastern is getting its long-awaited Performing Arts Center.

When driving by Southeastern, you may have noticed construction being done. This is because Southeastern is building a Performing Arts Center. In an interview with Superintendent Luis Lopes, he shared the plans for the center and how it will turn out. Located at the front of the school, near the main entrance, the Performing Arts Center will be approximately 13,000 square feet and will seat approximately 300 people! From the entrance, people will be able to view a “semi-circular glass-enclosed outside art studio” where the school will display student work and host art shows. Inside of the theater, it will have 300 seats for guests. The center will also have a large state-of-the-art thrust stage, a backstage green room, and several dressing rooms for the actors, special guests, and whoever will be on the stage for the show.

Construction for the Performing Arts Center began in October of 2020. Under the current plan, the school hopes it will be finished by fall of 2021, and be open for the public in January 2022. Usually, when building something special, the people in charge will have a topping off ceremony and Mr. Lopes plans to host one for the center when steel is erected which will be around late March to early April of 2021. This ceremony will commemorate the structure of the building being done.

Mr. Lopes noted that plans for the building have been in the works for almost eight years, long before the recent construction began.  At the time, Southeastern did not have enough funds to do the project, so it was placed on hold until now.

This center has been well thought out and will soon host amazing performances run by students and staff. When the theater opens, expect to see Broadway-like shows, plays, and live broadcast shows. Students and staff should be excited to see guest speakers at the theater as well. There are even plans to have movie and video nights as well and many more plans for the future!

About Southeastern
At Southeastern, students choose from 20 career majors in preparation for life’s challenges and opportunities. Our school combines a rigorous academic curriculum with state of the art vocational and technical studies to help students realize their full learning potential. The schedule is designed to have students alternate between academic and technical coursework. This process promotes integration of studies and helps bridge the gap between theoretical and practical experience.

The hands-on approach to learning helps connect students to education and provides the basis for life-long learning – an essential skill in today’s highly competitive global market. Upon graduation, students have the choice of furthering their education in any two or four-year institution or going directly into the workforce.

The Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical School District consists of a four-year public high school and a post-secondary technical institute. The high school offers 20 career majors to students from Brockton, East Bridgewater, Easton, Foxboro, Mansfield, Norton, Sharon, Stoughton, and West Bridgewater.

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Written by: Britney Valdez
Shop: Freshman Exploratory
Town: Brockton