Amanda Marascio, Early Education, Mansfield, Class of 2021

Even during the hardest times, Amanda Marascio was involved in a wide array of activities at school, work, and home. She is a wonderful inspiration for others as she is extremely passionate about helping others and constantly strives to be her best self.

Amanda always enjoyed working with children, especially being able to interact with them and help them mature. She decided to choose her vocational program during the exploratory period of her freshman year because she enjoyed spending time with the children. As a student in Southeastern’s Early Education program, she was able to learn a great deal about children, including how they develop from birth to 9 years of age and the stages of psychosocial development. She also participated in daily hands-on experience with the preschool students.

Amanda achieved many vocational accomplishments, such as making an interactive hygiene doll named Hector that teaches children about basic hygiene practices that they should follow. She also wrote a 100-page long fictional memory book about a girl named Ella, which demonstrates Ella’s gross motor, fine motor, and cognitive development skills. For Amanda’s senior project, she chose to make homemade soap bars and donate them to the Father Bill’s and MainSpring House in Brockton.

Throughout her high school career, Amanda has been involved in the National Honor Society and SkillsUSA, where she won silver and gold medals. Before Covid-19, Amanda was an altar server for Saint Mary’s Catholic Church in Mansfield and is soon going to start CCD to receive Confirmation in the Church. Amanda currently works at The Village at Willow Crossing in Mansfield and volunteers for signature services for dementia residents in the Harvard unit. She loves doing activities with them, such as painting, doing nails, and playing games.

When asked what she would say if she could give her freshman self any advice, Amanda said, “I would tell my freshman self to relax and enjoy every thought of your high school experience because if you don’t, you might miss it.”

Next year, Amanda will attend Stonehill College to study technology, and wishes to eventually become a child therapist. Amanda worked very hard in high school and continues to demonstrate dedication in her everyday life. Southeastern will always remember the influence she had on the school, and wishes her every success in her future endeavors.

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Submitted by Evelyn Pasquale, Advanced Manufacturing and Welding, Mansfield.