Scott Homer, Advertising Design, Brockton, Class of 2021

Advertising Design is a vocational program where students can express their unique artistic vision by creating dynamic illustrations, computer animations, and digital photographs. It also allows students to showcase their artistic abilities alongside other creative individuals as they design, produce, and deliver a wide range of creative promotional materials for interactive web and print media. This is what Scott Homer, one of Southeastern’s top students from Brockton, experienced during his four years of high school.

Scott always enjoyed expressing his ideas through design and wanted to expand his knowledge, skills, and experience with multiple forms of media. Southeastern’s Advertising Design program provided Scott with an outlet for his creativity while teaching him useful skills for college and career. In an interview, Scott discussed the opportunities that enrolling in the Advertising Design program had given him. He stated “Being in Advertising Design gave me the opportunities to learn several Adobe programs and participate in design competitions outside of school.”

In addition to working diligently in both his academic and vocational courses, Scott is proud of himself for obtaining his OSHA certification. He also enjoyed working collaboratively with his peers to create new signs for outside of the school. Additionally, Scott participated in SkillsUSA during his sophomore and junior years, and qualified for the district competition during both these years. Because of Scott’s hard-work and determination, he earned acceptance to Montserrat College of Art for four years, where he hopes to concentrate in animation.

When asked what he would tell his freshman self, he explained, “I would tell my freshman self to be open-minded to the opportunities offered at Southeastern and persevere through challenges interfering with personal and/or career goals.” Southeastern is confident his optimism and his excellent example will motivate current and future students to follow in his footsteps, and congratulates Scott on his tremendous accomplishments.

The Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical School District consists of a four-year public high school and a post-secondary technical institute. The high school offers 20 career majors to students from Brockton, East Bridgewater, Easton, Foxboro, Mansfield, Norton, Sharon, Stoughton, and West Bridgewater.

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Written by Kayla Barros, Medical Assisting, Brockton