SE IT Students receive valuable career advice from Disney engineers

Superintendent Luis Lopes is pleased to share that sophomores in the school’s Information Technology course last week learned about future career paths from Disney networking engineers.

Disney network engineers John Joseph and Robert Sanchez visited sophomores in Chris Comeau’s Information Technology course on Thursday, Oct. 21. The students are currently learning about networking and cyber security as part of the Information Technology program, a new program at Southeastern this year. They are the first to go through the program.

Joseph has worked as a senior network engineer for The Walt Disney Studios for about three years. He previously worked in network engineering and administration roles for IT management and consultant companies as well as held networking roles in other industries.

Sanchez has worked for The Walt Disney Studios for just under a year and previously worked in engineering roles for companies such as Google and Bank of America as well as other technology companies and consultancies.

Joseph and Sanchez are currently working in Boston setting up network systems in advance of the start of filming for a new Disney Studios movie. They talked with students about their career paths and the skills they’ve developed that have led them to the work they do now.

They also discussed the importance of learning and practicing the fundamental technology skills that can be applied to any industry or role students may work in in the future. In addition to the fundamental hard skills that students are learning, Joseph and Sanchez discussed the importance of developing soft skills such as communication.

Additionally, they discussed dealing with obstacles in their work. They talked to students about the importance of having confidence in your skills, but also knowing when to ask for help as well as the importance of always growing and learning.

“Students are at a very influential point in their lives when they’re in high school and are figuring out what subject areas they may like or not like,” Comeau said. “There is immense value in our students being able to hear from professionals about their paths and what resources they wish they had or what they may have done differently looking back.”

Students also asked Joseph and Sanchez questions about the industry including what skill sets companies look for, what their average workday looks like and how technologies or processes might vary in different countries.

“Hearing from professionals from an industry that our students may find themselves working in one day is an excellent opportunity for them to see how their skills and talents may fit into the world,” Principal Leslie Weckesser said. “We are grateful to Mr. Joseph and Mr. Sanchez for taking time out of their day to talk with our students.”

Leah Comins, John Guilfoil Public Relations LLC