New Translation Center

New Translation Center

Superintendent Luis Lopes is pleased to announce the successful implementation of Southeastern’s new Translation Center.

The center was opened on Sept. 30, which is recognized by the United Nations as International Translation Day, to aid Southeastern students and families with translation services, as well as assist staff with translation and communication with students and families who speak languages other than English.

The overall purpose of the initiative is to make sure all communication from the school is going home in multiple languages and to show students that many opportunities can be afforded to them through their vocational career because of their ability to speak and write in multiple languages.

The center currently offers translation services in Spanish, Haitian Creole, Portuguese and French. Four paraprofessionals work in the center supporting students throughout the day with academic and vocational studies and work with teachers to communicate home to families.

Numerous students have also volunteered to serve as student translators. They worked with Multi-Tiered System of Support Coordinator Dominique Williams, Sr., to offer translation to families at the school’s recent open house event. This group of students will continue in their roles by attending community events to assist community members with translation.

Though the center is in its initial phase, the district plans to work with the student translators to continue to grow and expand the program.

“We are committed to ensuring that all students and their families feel welcome at Southeastern and have the resources necessary to succeed,” Principal Leslie Weckesser said. “We are excited to offer these translation services to ensure messages are able to be received and understood by all, and we will continue to work with our multilingual and bilingual students to serve in this capacity. This initiative will provide our students with real-world experience which may open employment opportunities through all 21 of our career programs as well as help to unite and connect members of our school community.”

The center was launched on Translation Day along with a “Southeastern Speaks Your Language” campaign. Members of the school community were also provided with contact information for those in the building who can offer support with translation services. More about the campaign and translation services can be viewed in the Southeastern Speaks Your Language video.

John Guilfoil PR–Leah Comins