Southeastern Regional Student Named Emerging Poet by Power Poetry

Southeastern Regional Student Named Emerging Poet by Power Poetry

Superintendent Luis Lopes and Principal Leslie Weckesser are pleased to announce that Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School student Del’or Ehade has been named an Emerging Poet by the online youth poetry organization Power Poetry.

Ehade, a senior from Brockton, is studying video and performing arts at Southeastern. His poem, “A Different Black,” earned him the Emerging Poet distinction from Power Poetry for their 2021 list.

In “A Different Black,” Ehade writes about a boy who is unlike his peers, which mirrors difficulties he has faced in his own life. He uses poetry as a form of self-expression and says that overcoming the fear of expressing himself was a primary motivator in entering the Emerging Poet contest.

“I want to inspire everyone to embrace being different,” Ehade said of his work. “This poem was influenced by my personal experience in dealing with peer pressure in different ways. I was forced to play basketball just to impress people. I found a passion in creative writing when I made the switch from reluctantly playing basketball to pursuing the arts.”

Ehade’s achievement represents Southeastern’s values of emphasizing and embracing diversity among students.

“Del’or is not only a successful student academically but is an inspiration to those around him through his poetry and self-expression,” Principal Weckesser said. “He is highly deserving of this recognition, and we congratulate him on the honor.”

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Matthew Reid, John Guilfoil Public Relations