Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight

Principal Leslie Weckesser is pleased to recognize Benny Eng as a Class of 2022 Senior in the Spotlight.  Eng is a senior in the Advertising & Design program. Eng chose the program because he has an interest in graphic design and all things creative, including photography and filmmaking.

Eng has enjoyed the Advertising & Design program because of the hands-on experience as well as his teachers and classmates. His favorite work in the program has been the live jobs, which are orders that students make or design for community members, giving them real-world experience with getting and fulfilling client requests. Eng’s favorite live job was designing the logo and banners for Southeastern’s Performing Arts Center, which opened earlier this year. Eng designed the logo and collaborated with a classmate on the banners. After completing the design, Eng presented his logo to Superintendent Luis Lopes and other administrators, where he showcased the logo with an animation.

Eng also enjoys the shop because of all of the equipment and programs he is able to use and learn about, including various design programs, machines, printers and other resources for graphic design, photography, photo editing, video editing, animation, 3D printing, laser cutting, embroidery and more.

Aside from the live jobs and shop work, Eng also says that his classmates make going to school enjoyable noting that his class has gotten really close over the years and it feels like a family, including teachers Mrs. Enos, Mrs. Masi, and Mrs. Kelleher.

Eng values the storytelling aspect of art, explaining that he believes no matter what medium or type of art it is, it tells a story. For his senior project, he made a documentary about Cystic Fibrosis. He wanted to use his skills to tell the story of a friend who has Cystic Fibrosis to show what her life is like living with the disease and how it affects her.

Eng says, “No matter what type of art I do, I want it to tell a story and to have a purpose. In this case, the purpose of making the documentary was to bring to light the struggles of living with Cystic Fibrosis in order to spread awareness to fight against this disease, and for my friend.”

He also plans on releasing the full documentary on YouTube once it is complete.

While at Southeastern, Eng played varsity soccer, a sport he has been involved in since he was five years old. He served as one of the captains his senior year, and the team enjoyed a winning streak during the season where they were one win away from making the playoffs; however, the last games were canceled due to weather. Eng believes that his experiences playing soccer have helped him grow his leadership skills and allowed him to form friendships.

He is also thankful to Coaches Sanchez and Callahan for believing in him, saying, “I have always been a quieter person, so I was hesitant about running for captain, but my coaches handpicked me to be one of the captains and encouraged me to grow as a leader and become more vocal on and off the field.”

Eng also plays the drums and the piano, and plays drums for his church. He notes that being a Christian is his main identity, and that his life has been transformed through Jesus so he aims to be a testimony of His love throughout life.

Following graduation, Eng will attend Bridgewater State University on a Recognition of Scholastic Excellence (ROSE) Scholarship to study mathematics. He plans to consider other schools following his first year of college once he better determines what type of major he would like to pursue.

Eng’s advice to freshmen is: “Savor the moments in high school because before you know it, it will be over. Definitely get involved in after-school activities because it is a great way to make friends and stay connected. It also can give you something to look forward to if you don’t like academics so much. With academics, work hard and value getting school work done because even though it may seem pointless or like a lot of work in the long run, it is worth it. Having good grades opens up more opportunities that can help you achieve your fullest potential and prepare you for the future.”

He added, “Have respect for your teachers and classmates — I think having a good relationship with the people around you will make you a better person and also help you succeed. When you are respectful, others will notice and they will respect you. One of the things I have valued throughout my life is showing appreciation for others. Showing respect has allowed me to find out how amazing and nice people are. The bottom line is to be hard working and have respect for others, and yourself.”

Southeastern’s Senior Spotlights are chosen based on their high academic and vocational achievement. Seniors are selected from each of the nine towns Southeastern serves and are highlighted prior to graduation which will be held this year on June 8.

Leah Comins, John Guilfoil Public Relations