Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight

Principal Leslie Weckesser is pleased to recognize Bianca Pires as a Class of 2022 Senior in the Spotlight.  Pires is a student in the Natural & Life Sciences vocational program. She chose the vocational program because she enjoys learning, noting that the program allowed her to feed her curiosity each day.

Pires did not expect to join Natural & Life Sciences when starting school at Southeastern, and at first wanted to join the Video & Performing Arts program.  However, when she went through the exploratory period for the program, she didn’t enjoy it as much as she expected. She decided to join Natural & Life Sciences after the exploratory period and seeing how fun and interesting the teachers made the program.

Pires notes that joining Natural & Life Science was the best decision she could have made, and has since made so many friends, with those in the program becoming her “second family.” She also explains that “being in a learning environment where the teachers are supportive and your friends are like family, you are bound to succeed and surpass limits – which I did.”

Pires’ favorite experience from her vocational work was during her freshman year in the Natural side of the program. The students went on trips to ponds or streams and sampled for insects or macroinvertebrates. They would collect them and then survey them as a class. She enjoyed the process of gathering materials, hiking to the site and beginning to sample. Getting into the water with waders was one of her favorite and most memorable experiences. She explains that the hands-on work made her feel like a scientist.

During her time at Southeastern, Pires has also been involved in National Honor Society, has peer-tutored biology and works part-time at Flynn’s Family Farm in Easton.

Following graduation, Pires plans to attend Michigan State University to study Environmental Science/Biology. She plans to become a Marine Biologist.

Her advice for freshmen is: “Take any opportunity you can get. You are young and gaining experience is important. Especially if it’s something you’re not sure about or are nervous about doing, even more reason to get involved in a club or activity, or something out of our comfort zone. I learned that doing things I was afraid of doing was always worth it, and if I didn’t, I was regretful. So always make an effort to do something out of your comfort zone or something new in general.”

Southeastern’s Senior Spotlights are chosen based on their high academic and vocational achievement. Seniors are selected from each of the nine towns

Southeastern serves and are highlighted prior to graduation which will be held this year on June 8.

Leah Comins—John Guilfoil Public Relations