Planning for your career is an important element of your senior year. Whether a student is planning on going to college or right into the world of work, you will need to know how to research careers, compile a resume, write cover letters and thank you notes, and prepare for interviews. Please read each of the related pages on this blog for valuable information about career planning.

The first step in researching careers is to learn more about yourself. Take one of the interest inventories or personality tests on YourPlanForTheFuture to get a sense of career clusters that may align with your personality, skills, likes and dislikes.

The next step is to explore career areas/job titles that are of interest to you. Pay careful attention to the requirements of each of the job areas. It is important to know if a college degree is necessary (and which one) to do the job as well as any special licensure, certification, or job training. You can explore careers on YourPlanForTheFuture and save ones that interest you to your profile.

Next, if college is your intended path, please see the College Planning pages on this site for related information.

Whether you plan to enter college right after high school or go off to work, there is a lot you need to prepare for with regard to career planning. Please visit each of the following pages for more information.


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