What to Expect Grade 9

Grade 9 is a fresh start for all students. It is a new school year, a new environment,
and everyone is rooting for you to do your best. Below are some helpful hints to point you in the right direction.

  • Take every course seriously – you are building a transcript and a GPA that will follow you.
  • Pay close attention to English, Math and Science courses- the content in there will be a big help for MCAS.
  • Begin practicing for the PSAT exam, which you will take in October of your sophomore (10th grade)Year. The PSAT is a practice version of the SAT exam.
  • Remember- your grades, attendance, and behavior are included in the formula that calculates your Exploratory Score, which allows you to be in the vocational (shop) program of your choice.
  • Students with the highest “Exploratory Score” are placed first.
  • Ask questions if you are struggling and use Periods 9 and 10 for some tutoring or extra help.
  • Talk with your counselor frequently- they can help keep you on a path that will make you proud of yourself.

Key terms

Transcript – a record that educational institutions (schools) keep which traces a student’s academic history. It contains credit bearing classes and grades a student has obtained at each school attended. An Official High School Transcript is the document sent to colleges which reveals a student’s level of courses, grades attained, and overall Grade Point Average.

Grade Point Average (GPA) – GPA is a calculation that is derived from dividing the total amount of grade points earned by the total amount of credit hours attempted. It can range from 0.0 to 4.0. To give a practical example, an A would be considered 4.0 grade points, a B is worth 3 grade points, a C is worth 2 grade points, a D is worth 1 grade point, and F is worth 0.

Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) – This excerpt is taken directly from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s website. Please see the link below for more detailed information regarding the MCAS exam. The Massachusetts Education Reform Law of 1993, state law, G.L. c. 69, § 1D, requires that all students who are seeking to earn a high school diploma, including students educated at public expense in an educational collaborative and approved and unapproved private special education schools within and outside the state, must meet the Competency Determination (CD) standard, in addition to meeting all local graduation requirements.

PSAT – the practice test for the SAT. The PSAT is given to tenth grade students in October of their sophomore year. Scores range from 20-80 per test area. SAT scores range from 200-800 per test area.

Exploratory Score – the score a student receives in January, at the conclusion of the exploratory process. It is calculated using the following criteria: student projects and the effort put forth during the vocational exploratories, academic grades, attendance, and discipline records. These are all part of the formula to determine their placement in their first, second, or third choice shop.

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