A “scholarship” is gift aid, money that does not have to be paid back. These may be offered by schools, colleges, employers, individuals, private companies, nonprofits, communities, religious groups, professional and social organizations, and the United States Military.


Where to find scholarship opportunities:
1. Apply for Southeastern Scholarships and Toolships, links and instructions are below
2. Many local scholarships are listed at the bottom of this page.
3. Contact the high school Guidance Office in your home city/town. You may be eligible for
scholarships as a resident.
4. Scholarship search web sites to consider using:,,,,,
5. The Southeastern Guidance Department created a scholarship listing:
6. Guidance Counselors may post scholarship information in their Google Classroom


Senior Scholarship Application Process:

Complete the 2021 Scholarship Qualifier Survey and Scholarship Application here

This link helps the scholarship committee determine what scholarships you may be eligible for and is the application for consideration. If you do not complete this application, you will not be considered for Southeastern scholarships or toolships. You will need to share this document with the committee at scholarships@sersd.orgTHIS IS A GOOGLE DOC. BE SURE TO MAKE A COPY FIRST, then save as “your name, Scholarship Application”  AND SHARE WITH


Local scholarship applications which may not be posted online:

2021 Connecting Activities Scholarship

The American Legion -Post 7

Brockton Garden Club

BigSun Scholarship

Christian Herter Memorial (for sophomores and juniors)

Club Madeirense S.S. Sacramento Vocational Award

Colton Khoo Diversity Scholarship Fund

Corey Shea Memorial

Cranberry Educational Foundation

Easton Garden Club Scholarship

Eleanor W. Mortin Scholarship

FCA (Foxboro Cable Access) Scholarship

Foxboro VFW Post 2626 Scholarship, Foxboro VFW Post 2626 Scholarship Application

The Greatrex Scholarship Program

Helen and Blanche Stark Memorial Scholarship

Mansfield Democratic Town Committee – Charlene & Harrison Straley Memorial Scholarship

Marcus Urann Scholarship

Mark Bavis Leadership Foundation



North Easton Savings Bank Scholarship

NRT of Easton Ruth E. Packard Scholarship

The NRT Leonard Flynn Environmental Scholarship

Old Colony YMCA Scholarship Opportunities

Ousamequin Club of Bridgewater

Pilgrim Foundation 

Plymouth Aero Club

Rebekah Assembly of Massachusetts

Rhomona M. Wells Memorial Scholarship

Sharon Lions Club, Carroll Elfman Young Scholarship

See the many programs that we offer.


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