Student Attendance

Excused and Unexcused Absences

Southeastern recognizes that, on occasion, parents may need to keep their child out of school for legitimate reasons. Therefore, in accordance with M.G.L. Chapter 76, Section 1, parents may excuse their child from school up to seven days per school-year. 

In order for an absence to be counted as excused, the school must be notified via phone or our website on the day of or day following the absence. Calls or notes to excuse an absence must occur within three (3) days of an absence or the absence will be permanently listed as unexcused.

Absences beyond seven days will be marked as unexcused, regardless of the situation.  It is the student’s responsibility to collect, complete, and turn-in makeup work according to each teacher’s instructions.

Attendance Phone Number: 508-230-1257

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