Vocational Work Requests

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The Southeastern Regional School District prepares students to be productive and responsible members of society. Through a progressive curriculum, we support students through learning opportunities, which encourage excellence by recognizing high standards of performance. The technical and academic courses we offer foster the work ethic, life skills, and competencies necessary for life-long-learning and career success. To attain this goal, we provide a multi-faceted educational system to meet the abilities and interests of individuals within a diverse student population. Among our many responsibilities is the development and allocation of resources to meet the constantly and rapidly changing demands of the school district. We believe this commitment to technical education meets the needs of our students and our community and provides opportunities for the highest levels of achievement.

Work Requests Process

A Southeastern Job Request /Conflict of Interest Form must be completed by the customer.  Please download the appropriate shop job request listed below or pick one up at the High School Office or Vocational Office. You can complete the form online and email to the address shown on the form or drop it off.

Job Requests are submitted to the program instructor where the job will be performed.  Request for work will not be considered without a work order form.

The Vocational Instructor and Supervisor will determine whether the job has educational purpose and will approve or disapprove for LIVE WORK.

Jobs will be pulled in the order they are received. Anyone who exceeds more than one job a year must receive written permission from the Superintendent.

Once the Job Request has been approved, it will be considered LIVE WORK. Instructors and their students will track the cost of each individual job (in-house supplies used and parts from outside vendors). Once a job is complete, the Instructor or one of the students will contact the customer and prepare an invoice for the Job Request.  JOBS WILL NOT BE RELEASED without a receipt of payment.  If there is no charge applied, an invoice will be required to release the work at No Charge.

All payments are to be made to at the District Office.   Cash, Credit Cards and checks are accepted.

CHECKS SHOULD BE MADE PAYABLE TO: Southeastern Regional School District.